Hi-Land Acres Water - General Information

We use a system of flags for urgent information.
A blue flag means that there is a message from the board. Please check the website for the message.
A yellow flag means that we are are on watering restrictions and all outside watering should follow the watering schedule.
A red flag means that our water supply is serious and that there is no outside watering allowed.
The flag poles are located at the entrances to HiLand Acres on Lomand Circle and Elmira streets. The current status and/or message will also be posted on the web site.

Contact Information:
Emergency (Water or Sewer) - Southwest Water Inc. 303-912-3769
Billing Questions - American Conservation & Billing Solutions, Inc. 719-532-0167
Information/messages from the Board (blue flag) Current Flags
To contact the Board by email board@hilandacreswater.org

Water and Sewer Fees:
Monthly Sewer Fee $116.00
1 - 10,000 gallons $75.00
10,001 - 20,000 gallons $4.00 per thousand gallons over 10,000
20,001 - 30,000 gallons $6.00 per thousand gallons over 20,000
30,001 - 40,000 gallons $10.00 per thousand gallons over 30,000
40,001 - 50,000 gallons $24.00 per thousand gallons over 40,000
50,001 + gallons $30.00 per thousand gallons over 50,000
Reconnect Fee $225.00
Non Conformance fee 1st violation $100.00
Non Conformance fee 2nd violation $200.00
Non Conformance fee 3rd violation $300.00

Monthly Board Meetings:
The District Board of Directors holds a monthly public meeting at 7 pm on the third Thursday of each month at the Brighton Firehouse located on the south side of Highway 7 on Havana Street. As required by State law, we post our meeting agenda three days prior to the Monthly Meeting in three places in the District:
One copy is posted in a book that is maintained at the north flagpole.
A second copy is posted in a book that is maintained at the south flagpole.
A third copy is on the south gate to the treatment plant.
Becaue of covid, the board meetings are being held at Jim Roos' house at 15940 Elmira Street. Residents are welcome to attend

District Email:
We also send an informal email notice of the meeting (with the agenda attached) two or three days before the monthly meeting. We send the email notice to those of our residents who have provided us with their email address. If you would like to receive the email agendas or if you would like to communicate with the Board or any of its members by email please send an email to board@hilandacreswater.org and we will be happy to add you to our list and we will also be glad to respond to any email inquiries that you may have.

Board of Directors:
If you have a question or concern regarding the District's water or sanitation services or any other matter associated with the District you are always welcome to call one of us or drop by to talk with us.
Chair Jim Roos 15940 Elmira St 303-619-7903 jim0700@comcast.net
Treasurer Fred Brinkerhoff 9785 E 158th Place 303-718-7602 febrink@msn.com
Secretary Susan Findling 9844 E 158th Ave. 303-517-5073 dsinbrighton@msn.com
Director Michael J Gay 10086 E 159th Ave 720-308-3720 bigwind111@yahoo.com
Director David Ocker 9885 E. 158 th. Pl 303-659-7555 davekrisocker@aol.com