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Summer Watering:   This year has been exceptionally dry so we will need the residents to adhere to the watering restrictions when posted. Even # addresses are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Odd # addresses are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Hand watering only is allowed on Sunday. The summer watering schedule applies from May 1st to September 30th.

North Metro Waste Line:   This was a good year for the district because many ongoing projects have been completed. The district is now connected to the North Metro Waste Line which means that we are no longer treating our waste. North Metro is very strict on what can be flushed down the toilet and we must have the residents adhere to these restrictions. Basically, nothing can be put through the system but regular household waste. Things we need to be the most careful of are female sanitary waste and no flushable wipes are acceptable even through they say they are flushable.

Sewer Plant:   With the district connecting to the sewer system, our sewer plant had to be decommissioned. The board is happy to report that this projected is completed and that all the sewer cells have been cleaned and filled. The board was able to complete this project on budget and will not have to come back to residents for more funding.

Questions:   If residents have any questions on things happening within the district they are welcome to come to the monthly board meeting which convenes on the first Thursday of the month except when there is a holiday and then it is on the second Thursday at 7pm. The meetings are at the firehouse on Havana street. The board would like to make a plea to the residents that we have several board members who will be meeting their term limits and we need to replace those board members. The board duties should be easier since we are connected to the sewer line. The board must continue and must be manned by hiland acres residents. You may see workman through the district we will be starting maintenance on the sewer lines. For the resident's information, the sewer connection fee within the boundaries of Hiland acres is $12,500 plus the current connection fee that North Metro Waste charges.